ANC struggle slogans ridiculed by artist Brett Murray

“Hail to the Thief” unzipped fly painting of Jacob Zuma by SA artist Brett Murray sold to foreign buyer…

May 13 2012 - This "Unzipped Fly" painting of Jacob Zuma, which carries the name HAIL TO THE THIEF, will remain in the exhibitin at the Goodman Gallery Johannesburg by satirist-artist Brett Murray until it ends: it has been sold to a foreign buyer, writes Rapport Afrikaans weekly.

The Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg has taken a  courageous and timely stand against the ruling ANC’s far-reaching plans to muzzle freedom of speech in South Africa  -- by holding a powerful art exhibition which is highly critical of South Africa’s ruling New Rich Elite, and its widespread fraud and corruption…


More pictures of the art exhibition which just opened at the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg can be seen at:  Rapport.co.za/Suid-Afrika...

MURRAY BRETT ARTIST HAIL TO THE THIEF PROMISES PROMISES EXHIBT GOODMAN GALLERY JOBURG MAY122012 http://www.rapport.co.za/Galleries/Image/Fotos/Suid-Afrika/Hail%20to%20the%20Thief

Two years ago, SA president Zuma sued media group in 2010 over Zapiro’s  ‘unzipped fly rape ’ cartoon: Zuma case goes to High Court in Johannesburg on 25 October 2012 

Two years ago, the SA president sued Avusa media and others over a a two-year-old political cartoon depicting him in a sexually suggestive scene with a figure representing ''Lady Justice''. Zuma was seeking R4million for defamation from Avusa media  and R1million from a former editor with the group's Sunday Times newspaper and the cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro - Zapiro.  His cartoon depicted Zuma's supporters holding down Lady Justice, with Zuma standing over a woman with his fly unzipped. Shapiro said at the time in a radio interview that he ‘was saying something very strong about him because I felt, and still do feel, that he and his allies were abusing the justice system.''  At the time the cartoon was published in 2008 Zuma was facing corruption charges which could have blocked his path to the presidency.  A court in 2006 acquitted Zuma of raping an HIV-positive family friend in a case that raised widespread public interest and condemnation from women's groups in a country with one of the highest incidents of sexual violence in the world.



ANC all set to muzzle SA freedom of speech with new laws such as the Protection of State Information Bill :

The Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg took a courageous but also very timely step to display this artist’s work with its powerful political message: soon it will no longer be legal to criticise or satirise the country’s leadership and the ruling political parties under its proposed new laws.

PRESS FREEDOM IN SOUTH AFRICA THREATENED SANEF MAY 3 2012            http://www.iol.co.za/news/politics/press-freedom-threatened-sanef-1.1287934

Above:  with the ANC-regime always holding up South Africa as a beacon of freedom of speech and a free press while many countries on the continent continue to suffer  under the yoke of suppressive African regimes: the ANC-regime at the moment is also all set to muzzle its news media with very restrictive censorship laws which would also draw all the power of the security services into the office of the President. With its overwhelming majority in parliament, the ANC will push through this bill: the only thing which some factions could still negotiate about would be changes in minor clauses of the law.