Postmistress’ hammer-murderer gets life

Mark Makhubela – the brutal hammer-murderer of post-mistress Magda Fraser of Highlands North in Balfour Shopping Centre: sentenced to a life in prison

PICTURE: This is convicted hammer-murderer Mark Makhubela, who was out on parole after a 10-yr sentence for rape when he bludgeoned to death Highlands North post-mistress Magda Fraser on 15 January 2011. Mrs Fraser had worked there for 25 years. Her widower said she had become so terrified of the crime that she often passed out in fear-attacks.

Fraser Magda postmistress HighlandsNorth beaten to death with hammer Mark Makhubela senteced to life Nov92011

Makhubela was sentenced to life imprisonment last week by High Court Judge Lucy Mailula for her gruesome death. story: 9 November 2011, Amanda Watson

The man had a long record of violent crimes: but still managed to get a job at a post office: 
Makhubela --  was let out on parole after a 10-yr sentence for rape when he bludgeoned to death Highlands North post-mistress Magda Fraser on 15 January 2011.  The insert above left is of Mrs Fraser’s grieving husband Douglas, consoled by a relative. Makhubela was sentenced to life imprisonment last week by High Court Judge Lucy Mailula for Mrs Fraser’s gruesome death. CCTV footage of the incident identified Makhubela, although out on parole after serving a ten-year-sentence for
rape, worked as an employee of Highlands North’s post office. Police launched a manhunt. The man subsequently handed himself over to police. A copy of Makhubela's criminal record showed he had a violent past: with numerous assault convictions and was on parole after serving a 10-year sentence for rape in Hillbrow. It’s not known why he was able to get a job at the post office.

Widower Douglas Fraser: “Wish these still were biblical times so Magda’s killer could be stoned to death..’

Fraser Douglas widower murdered MagdaFraser PO mistress Jan192011 consoled by sisterHer widower Douglas, 44:  told Beeld journalist Jascques Steenkamp shortly after the murder that he ‘wished these were still the biblical times so that Magda’s killers could be stoned to death. ‘ Fraser had dropped Magda off at the post office at about 06:45 where she has worked for the past 25 years in the Balfour Park-shopping centre.
“She opened up every morning to receive the day’s new mail-delivery. At 9am her manager contacted me and wanted to know where Magda was because clients were lined up outside. The manager had also noticed on CCTV that two black men carried boxes from the shop and also noticed that she did not answer her cellphone, he told me.’ Fraser rushed to the shop.

 The post-mistress was terrified of working there because of the crime: she often passed out from fear-attacks:
Fraser – left being consoled by a sister during the interview – said he initially believed that she did not open up because she may have passed out in a fear-attack: something which has happened to her before. Upon his arrival he was greeted by some 11 armed police officers and security guards – all waiting for permission to break open the door. “I wanted to know what was going on, but they said I would have to break down the door myself because they were not going in without permission. “ It took concerted efforts for about half an hour to force open the lock allowing the assembled cops and guards to storm into the building where everybody trampled all over the crime scene. “I ran through the shop, shouting her name,’ said Fraser. “The safes stood open and were empty. Only when she did not reply to my calls did I realise something was wrong.” 

He then was stopped by a security guard from entering one of the bathrooms, with the man telling Fraser: “I am very sorry.’  “Why did they have to kill her?”  He asked. “Did they do that because she could identify one of them"? Police almost immediately identified the now jailed part-time worker Mark Makhubela as one of two suspects – they noticed on CCTV that he had opened the post office back door with a key and was followed into the shop by another black man and that they then later were filmed carrying out boxes. Fraser: “Makhubela had good manners. He always appeared to respect my wife. I cannot believe that he could have killed her this cruelly.’

Sisters from Norway and Kruger National Wildlife Reserve:

Mrs Fraser’s sisters Melony Marchbank (47) of the Kruger Wildlife Reserve and Jenny Hendriksen (53) arrived from Oslo in Norway to attend the funeral from the Old Apostolic Church in Symhurst. She is survived by her children from her first marriage, Quinten, 19, Desiree(18) and Arthur Yeates (18), and her stepchildren Wayne (19), Eric (17) and Grant (17). She and Fraser had been married for 18 months.


Highlands North: The much-loved Fraser was beaten to death with a hammer on 15 January (Brutal murder shocks community).

CCTV footage of the incident identified Makhubela, an employee of Highlands North’s post office, and police launched a manhunt. The man subsequently handed himself over to police.
A copy of Makhubela's criminal record showed he had a violent past. He had numerous assault convictions and was on parole after serving a 10-year sentence for rape in Hillbrow.

Mrs Fraser is survived by Douglas, her husband of 18 months, children from her first marriage, Quinten (19), Desiree and Arthur Yeates (both 18), and stepchildren Wayne (19), and Eric and Grant (both 17)

Magda Fraser mourned:

Afrikaner poor denied food-aid: Red Cross Brakpan


This poor white South-African woman aged 63 was sitting and crying on the sidewalk after being told that the Red cross in Brakpan South-Africa has to drastically cut back their food aid and can now only feed 547 people every second Tuesday of the week, down from over a thousand. Their next food-aid day is December 2 2011 at Derby Avenue, Brakpan. The next day the hungry poor will get a bite to eat from the Red Cross in Brakpan will be on January 10 2012.

 This woman says she goes from house to house begging for a little food but most people chase her away.. what a bleak bleak Christmas this will be for the many hundreds of thousands of poor Afrikaners in similar situation to her as in Brakpan: this is only one town in Gauteng where food-aid is being cut back.



Afrikaans article: by Thelma Koorts  - Arm Afrikaners kry kos elke tweede week van Rooi Kruis

9 November 2011 – BRAKPAN -- Dié 63-jarige vrou het moedeloos op die sypaadjie sit en huil nadat die Rooikruis van Brakpan noodgedwonge die aantal behoeftige mense wat elke tweede week kos ontvang met meer as die helfte sny, aangesien daar doodeenvoudig nie genoeg voedsel is om aan almal te voorsien nie.
     Selfs met hierdie drastiese stap funksioneer die voedingskema steeds onder groot druk en is daar nie veel hoop om voor Kersfees vir die mense ordentlike kospakkies uit te deel nie.
    Carol Campbell, van die Brakpan Rooikruis, het aan die Herald gesê dat die voedingskema tot onlangs toe elke tweede Dinsdag van die maand 1,258 mense van kos voorsien het.
"   Ons het geen ander keuse gehad as om dit tot 547 mense te sny nie, maar ons sukkel steeds om kop bo water te hou," het Campbell gesê. "Met Kersfees om die draai is die nood soveel groter en ons kan nie anders as om 'n groot beroep op die publiek en besighede te maak om ons te help nie," het sy bygevoeg.
     Baie van die mense is totaal afhanklik van die kos wat hulle elke tweede Dinsdag van die voedingskema ontvang.Met die Herald se besoek, Dinsdagoggend, het 'n lang ry mense geduldig gestaan en wag vir die bietjie voedsel wat beskikbaar was. Vroue met jong kinders en talle bejaardes het op die sypaadjie gesit en moedeloos voor hulle gestaar.
'     n 63-Jarige (Afrikaner) vrou in verslete klere het gesê dat sy baie, baie dankbaar is vir die kos wat sy elke tweede week ontvang.
"Ek kry regtig swaar; die lewe is moeilik," het sy vertel.  "Ek bly in 'n kamer waarvoor ek moet betaal en soms is daar net geen geld vir kos nie."

     Sy het ook vertel dat sy uit desperaatheid van huis tot huis loop en vir kos vra."Soms gee die mense, maar meeste van hulle jaag my weg," het sy gesê.

"Ons laaste voedingsdag is op 20 Desember en op dié dag sal ons graag vir die mense kospakkies wil gee wat hulle deur die feestyd sal kan help," het Campbell gesê. Mense sal eers weer op die 10de Januarie kan aanmeld vir kospakkies.
Die Rooikruis is in Derbylaan geleë.
Persone wat meer inligting verlang kan 011 740-0074 skakel.: